Partnership Initiatives

The Good Life Food Safari in Partnership with Lancashire County Council

The Food Safari is delivered during each half term for six weeks up until October.

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The Good Life Project in Partnership with Super Slow Way, the Linear Park and the Ripple Effect

The Good Life project delivers various workshops/activities along the canal in collaboration with Super Slow Way and the Ripple Effect.

Super Slow Way and the Ripple Effect

The Super Slow Way is a cultural development programme that covers 20 miles of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal corridor stretching through East Lancashire from Blackburn in the west, through Hyndburn and Burnley, and ending in Pendle in the east.Working with partners across the area, the Super Slow Way values and develops social spaces where people can express their own cultural identities and celebrate their own everyday creativity, whether singing in the mosque or on the football terrace or choosing what to wear in the morning.

The Ripple Effect is a new project to create new community spaces along the canal stretch through Nelson for people to come together, get to know one another and enjoy different activities. 

Delivering Workshops with Arts for Wellbeing - Pendle

The Good Life Project delivers various workshops in partnership with the Arts for Wellbeing Project.

Providing Training Placements for UCLAN Students

The Good Life Project supporting UCLAN and their international student doctors and occupational therapists by providing third sector training placements for their students. 

Building Bridges Pendle and the Good Neighbours Initiative

Where local people can come together in a spirit of fun and community; create and build relationships to  enjoy on a regular basis; strengthen community spirit; realise the importance of their role in making their neighbourhood a good place to live; have conversations and become aware of the needs of people in their area; and become more willing to cross cultural boundaries in their outlook towards the wider community.

Canal and Rivers Trust

Working in partnership to provide volunteer and activity opportunities and initiatives to develop and care for the environment along the canal. 

Help us to do more

You can donate materials, funds, volunteer or fundraise.

Help us to do more for those who need our help by volunteering your time or helping us raise much needed funds. You can also support us by donating materials that we can use for the project. There are many different ways in which you can help the Good Life Project.